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2017 was a year of further growth for the Group which, for the first time in its history, exceeded the threshold of one billion euros in revenues, largely achieved abroad (85%), confirming its position among the major operators in the sector and its international vocation.

The financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2017 shows total revenues of 1,073 million euros (918 million euros in 2016) and EBITDA of 62.2 million euros (46.3 million euros in 2016). Net profit attributable to the Group amounts to 21.2 million euros (24.2 million euros in 2016). Despite the slight contraction of the net result, the intermediate margins EBITDA and EBIT show improvement, both in absolute and percentage terms.

The work portfolio at year-end amounted to 2,126 million euros, with foreign job orders accounting for more than 90%.
As regards the financial year 2018, on the basis of the projections of the existing portfolio at the end of the financial year and the concrete expectations for the acquisition of new projects, a further slight increase in revenues is expected, with a prevalence of development, as already occurred in the two previous financial years, of Russia, Algeria and the Middle East as well as North America, whose market is once again offering the Group commercial opportunities after a few years of stagnation.

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