A century of quality

The SACAIM company was founded in Venice in 1920 and has become one of the leading companies in the engineering and construction sector in Italy.

With over a century of experience in restoration and renovation works, Sacaim focuses mainly on the high-end luxury segment, in the residential, in the hotel and resorts branch, in private villas and in the restoration of historic buildings subject to architectural and landscape constraints .
A part of the business is oriented towards the life sciences and the industrial and technological sector.
Sacaim has been part of the de Eccher Group since 2013

It has built factories and land and sea infrastructures for the most important Italian and foreign industries, carried out demanding and prestigious civil engineering works, created complex and elaborate works to safeguard the territory, both reclamation and purification, built roads, highways, bridges and dams . With its 120 employees it is a dynamic and constantly expanding company, its strength is in the studied mix of experience, professionalism and efficiency

Conservative restoration

SACAIM immediately distinguished itself in what would later become its distinctive activity: conservative restoration. Over the decades, his interventions have restored the splendor of the most prestigious buildings in Venice and restored some of the most important monuments in Italy to their original beauty.

Deep experience, fidelity in recovery, extreme attention to detail and the choice of materials and use of its own specialized resources, have allowed SACAIM to revive works that seemed completely lost, such as the Gran Teatro La Fenice, devastated by a terrible fire. The expansion of the Great Gallerie dell’Accademia, the consolidation of the San Marco Bell, in Venice and the restoration of the Palladian Basilica, symbol and socio-cultural heart of the city of Vicenza, the restoration of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi and the Procuratie Vecchie in Piazza San Marco are just some of the most prestigious interventions.

Leader in Venice

Since its foundation, SACAIM has stood out as a leader in the Venetian market and has always maintained a strong bond with its city of origin, carrying out over 200 projects including prestigious architectural and monumental restoration interventions such as, for example, the restoration of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, the restoration of the Procuratie Vecchie, the complex of the Island of San Giorgio, the prestigious headquarters of Palazzo Grassi, Palazzo Fortuny, Ca’ Pesaro, the Teatro Malibran, the Royal Palace and the Campanile S. Marco and the Gran Teatro la Phoenix


Quality and excellence

Sacaim has its own Technical Office, with which, through the high professionalism and experience of engineers, architects and designers, the requests and design needs of the clients are studied and defined, to create all the details and construction details, indispensable for obtain the best execution of the works and guarantee the achievement of the objectives set by the client, placing the utmost care and attention in the design phase as well as in the construction phase.

Thanks to the skilful fusion of experience, professionalism and efficiency and the commitment of over 120 employees, SACAIM. is a dynamic and constantly expanding company, extremely qualified in the design and production sector and unanimously recognized as one of the “Leading Companies” in the Italian Construction Sector.

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