Works at the Archbishop’s Palace

Sacaim, a company of Gruppo de Eccher specialized in restoration, proceeds with the works at the Archbishop’s Palace in Camerino, one of the greatest post-earthquake recoveries in the Italian Marche region.

This building that frames the city’s main square was heavily damaged by the 2016 earthquake, causing major structural damage.

The structural consolidation works have already begun, which preserve the load-bearing structures and respect the historical value.  At the same time, the works will include the safeguarding of the frescoes, the restoration of the historic decorated vaults originally built with a flexible wood structure, and of the stone elements of the facades. These activities represent only some of the specialties of Sacaim’s conservative restoration capabilities.

This important intervention of rebirth and historical recovery of the Archbishop’s Palace in Camerino will return to the city the museum with its rich artwork.

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