Social Theater

Reopened in 2015 after a long restoration, the Social Theater of Sondrio is one of the main places of culture in the city and province

  • Sondrio, Italia
  • Restoration & Refurbishment
  • Completed


Total investment


  • 600 seats
  • Established in 1824
  • Designed by Architect Canonica


Adaptation of a historic building (former Pedretti Theater) to the new techniques of theatrical representation with particular attention to the stage machinery, the stage, the understage and adaptation of all systems to current legislation.
As part of the complete recovery of the property, the following works were carried out:
demolition and reconstruction of the reinforced concrete structures, demolition and reconstruction of the roof with steel beams and laminated wood reticulars, construction of the stage machine, restoration of the basement from the early 1800s with construction of the smaller hall below the theater stalls, new technological systems, restoration of the façade and installation of all the furnishings for 600 seats.

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