Restoration & Refurbishment

SACAIM immediately distinguished itself in what would later become its characterizing activity: conservative restoration. Over the decades his interventions have restored splendor to the most prestigious palaces in Venice and restored some of the most important monuments in Italy to their original beauty. Particular attention also for maritime, irrigation and aqueduct works, as well as a strong presence in civil construction and infrastructure.

Deep experience, fidelity in recovery, extreme attention to detail and the choice of materials, have allowed SACAIM to revive works that seemed completely destroyed, such as the Gran Teatro La Fenice, devastated by a terrible fire.

The expansion of the Great Galleries of the Academy, the consolidation of the Campanile di San Marco, in Venice and the restoration of the Palladian Basilica, symbol and socio-cultural heart of the city of Vicenza, are just some of the most prestigious interventions.

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